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Kia Stinger GTS Stepping Premium Sports Sedan

Kia Stinger GTS – Stepping Further Into Premium Sports Sedan Territory

Since its debut, the Kia Stinger fastback liftback and hatch challenger won respect punching above its weight and battling the pricier German opposition. While the 365 horsepower Stinger GT brought impressive performance, Kia pushed upmarket releasing an even sharper halo version called the GTS aiming beyond mass-market expectations alone.

    This new range-topping model doubles down asserting the brand belongs rubbing shoulders against luxury establishment players like BMW and Mercedes-AMG. We explore what granted this GTS flagship Stinger the right to sparring decisively into premium territory far exceeding its modest corporate badge branding alone.

Bespoke Kia Stinger GTS  Touches Nudging Past Mainstream

Where the Stinger GT provided generous equipment catering to wide demographics, the exclusive GTS ($50,000) arrives packing exclusive high-end touches showing Kia pulls zero punches moving confidently upmarket.

Carbon fiber inserts the lightweight material along the side skirts, wheel caps, interior dash, and available forged carbon fiber roof – slashing over 13 lb total mass for a lower center of gravity. Its hand-built 3.3L twin-turbocharged V6 operated smoother courtesy of reduced internal friction points while a remapped ECU pushed output skywards past 370 horses placing it firmly among established elite sedans.

Cosmetically the Kia Stinger GTS separates itself through sinister 19-inch matte black performance wheels and matching exclusive exterior paint options like $695 Aurora Black with orange contrast accents underscoring fascinating ambitions. Slimline racing front seats carrying integrated headrests flick sportier sensations evading plush armchairs expected to coddle average commuters. It’s carbon ceramic brakes and limited slip differential prepared serious track attack aspirations lightyears beyond sleepy interstate cruising or occasional twisty detours the standard GT aimed towards primarily already.

Elevated Agility & Stability Matched With Newfound Velocity

While certainly no sluggard, regular Stinger GT owners may still brake early entering corners or moderate full throttle stabs avoiding chronic wheel spin embarrassments. This GTS model finally fulfills its ultimate potential granted by an ideal front-engine weight-distributing chassis layout. Newly retuned suspension components minimize body roll abrasively containing heft while bolstered grip thresholds stick with conviction resisting understeer far longer when maximum lateral g-forces test mortal limits. Widened Pirelli summer rubber footprint further amplifies adhesion tackling lateral acceleration forces experienced in racing.

A tachometer now glowing red past 7,000 RPM motivates extending gears longer while throttle response sharpened markedly through updated intake tracts gulping big gulps atmosphere force feeding spiking turbo boost pressures looping back reiteratively. Vibrations and harshness associated with exceeding triple-digit speeds abated to bless new sound-deadening measures allowing uninterrupted exhilaration and freed worries glimpsing the wrong sides law.

Racetrack attacks gleefully witnessed drifting antics embrace oversteer characteristically absent front-drive economy car underpinnings the Kia Stinger sought separating further beyond during daily commuting normalcy repeating again tomorrow. Hard-charging aggression proudly GT badges.

Conclusion Of Kia Stinger GTS

By refusing to play modest small expectations clinging to their past, Kia gambled mightily injecting extra passion amplifying polished balanced sports sedan competence already winning journalistic awards initial Stinger GT introduction alone.

This even spicier rare sight GTS pilot experience extends envelop further rivaling establishments unapproachable stratospheres seeming imaginable mere years prior. But competition ultimately wins benefiting enthusiasts’ spoiled choices moving forward – a confident Kia leading that charge evolves cemented foundations promising further excitement coming roads ahead. Exclusive limited production specials like the Stinger GTS preview bright horizons where corporate assumptions fade and replace delivering package substance matching prestige-associated price tags.

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