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Honda CRX Lightweight Hatchback Performance Icon

The Legendary Appeal of the 1990 Honda CRX

The 1990 Honda CRX Lightweight Hatchback Performance Icon

Launching in 1984, the Honda CRX hatchback debuted as a tiny, fuel-efficient two-seater before evolving into a lightweight sports coupe tuner special. By 1990, the second generation had launched with an array of high-revving engines that made the most of its sub-2300 lb. curb weight.

This rare combination of feathery construction and eager powerplants transformed the pint-sized CRX into a giant-slaying performer with precision handling. Over three decades later, the 1990 Honda CRX remains one of the most celebrated front-wheel drive sport compacts of all time.

The 1990 Honda CRX Showcases Innovative Engineering and Technology

Equipped with a 1.6L 16-valve four-cylinder. The top-of-line 1990 CRX Si brought a stout 125 horsepower to the table – immense thrust considering its paltry 2,250 lb. curb weight. This high specific output resulted from Honda’s refined engine technology like dual overhead cams. Four valves per cylinder, and electronic fuel injection.

Further amplification came courtesy of a light yet rigid unibody and refined double wishbone suspension tuning that enabled knife-edge maneuverability. Garnering attention with its wedgy profile and low-slung stance, the 1990 CRXResidence isn’t about outward aggression – it simply delivers sheer driving excellence.

 Built a Cult Following That Continues Today

After the final CRX rolled off the assembly line in 1991. Loyalists began snatching up clean examples for preservation or modification. Widening the performance envelope with bolt-on mods or extensive engine swaps comes naturally thanks to the CRX’s easily customizable architecture. As rival manufacturers walked away from lightweight performance cars.

Honda CRX’s popularity is compounded by its singular focus on sheer driving thrills. Now with low mileage 1990 models extremely scarce, this homologation special-esque hatchback draws big money at auction. The 1990 stands firmly alongside icons like the Acura. Integra Type R and Mazda RX-7 as emphatic high-water marks of 1990s Japanese sports motoring.

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