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Honda Fit Rally Car

Mighty Mini – How the Honda Fit Became a Surprising Rally Winner

Reading Time: 3 minutes Honda Fit Rally Car subcompact seems an unlikely choice for off-road rally competition against machines built for racing like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. But thanks to clever engineering maximizing its dimensions and powertrain, the Fit earned respect as a giant-killing racer on loose surfaces worldwide. Let’s examine how Honda transformed its humble hatchback into a…

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Unstoppable on Asphalt: Opel’s Rally Racing Pedigree缩略图

Unstoppable on Asphalt: Opel’s Rally Racing Pedigree

Reading Time: 3 minutes Opel Rally Car brand has faded from automotive prominence today, it enjoys a significant motorsport legacy built through rally racing success. Models like the Kadett, Ascona, and iconic Manta coupe proved formidable competitors in the 1960s through 1980s on loose and tarmac surfaces. Let’s revisit Opel’s potent rally racers who battled for glory in European…

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Dominant on Tarmac – The Rally-Bred BMW E30 M3缩略图

Dominant on Tarmac – The Rally-Bred BMW E30 M3

Reading Time: 3 minutes BMW E30 Rally Car 1980s sports coupe reached icon status on road and track. But the M3 legend was also built on rally stages worldwide thanks to a specially developed E30 M3 rally car. Taking advantage of balanced rear-wheel-drive handling and robust engineering, the rally M3 achieved victory after victory in international rallying. Let’s examine…

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Hyundai Rally Car Is Rapid Rise in the WRC缩略图

Hyundai Rally Car Is Rapid Rise in the WRC

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Hyundai rally car entered the World Rally Championship in 2014, few initially expected serious competition from the South Korean brand new to top-level rallying. But within a few short seasons, Hyundai proved doubters wrong by rapidly developing potent rally racers like the i20 WRC. Let’s look at Hyundai’s impressive growth into race-winning WRC competitors….

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Legendary Subaru Race Car缩略图

Legendary Subaru Race Car

Reading Time: 4 minutes Subaru Race Car comes to rally racing, few automakers can match the success of Subaru. The brand has claimed multiple driver’s and manufacturer’s championships in the World Rally Championship thanks to fast and durable race cars like the Impreza WRX STI. Let’s look back at some of the most significant and memorable competition Subarus. 1992…

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Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto – The Rally-Bred Berlinetta缩略图

Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto – The Rally-Bred Berlinetta

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto conjures images of Miami Vice and the height of 1970s automotive excess. But the 308 GTB Michelotto revealed the sports car’s hidden rally potential. Developed by noted Italian tuner Michelotto, this modified 308 GTB became a surprise contender in the late 1970s rally scene. Let’s examine how Michelotto transformed the prancing…

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