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Lancia Delta Rally car HF Integrale Dominated Rallying

Lancia Delta Rally car like the Stratos carved out rally fame, the boxy Delta HF Integrale stands above all as one of the most accomplished rally cars ever produced. Introduced in 1987 and evolving over six years, the Integrale won an astounding six consecutive manufacturer’s titles in the World Rally Championship.

Let’s explore the technology and racing success that made the Lancia Delta HF Integrale synonymous with rally excellence.

Homologation Innovator

Like rival brands, Lancia leveraged Group A’s homologation rules to transform a standard road car into a top-flight competitor. Starting with the front-drive Delta hatchback, Lancia maximized an innovative drivetrain layout to dominate rallying into the 1990s.

At the Integrale’s heart was a 2.0L 16-valve turbocharged engine making over 200 hp mounted longitudinally. Power is routed through an advanced multi-link rear suspension with an open center differential. Crucially, an electro-hydraulic center diff could apportion torque between front and rear axles dynamically.

This gave the Integrale an agility advantage, shifting torque fore and aft based on available traction. Clever engineering and 4WD traction multiplied the Delta’s capabilities.

Lancia Delta Rally Car Dominance Around the World

Debuting in 1987, the Integrale quickly found success driven by Miki Biasion. In 1988, Lancia won its first manufacturer’s title, followed by five more through 1992. The potent Integrale won events on tarmac, gravel, snow, and ice. Famed drivers like Juha Kankkunen, Didier Auriol, and Carlos Sainz all piloted the Integrale to wins through the early 1990s.

Road car developments like the Integrale 16V with revised turbocharging and the final 1992 Evo 2 maintained competitiveness against rivals. The Integrale’s advanced drivetrain and suspension proved difficult to beat year after year. No other car matched its success in this era.

Technical Developments Over the Years

Lancia continually refined Integrale to stay ahead of the competition:

1990 Integrale 16V – New 16-valve head boosted power to 205 hp. Revised turbo and intercooler improved response.

1991 Integrale Evo 1 – Aerodynamic enhancements increased downforce. Suspension tweaks sharpened handling.

1992 Integrale Evo 2 – Further aero additions like front splitter and rear wing. ABS introduced. The engine upgraded again to 210 hp.
Thanks to smart evolution, the later Integrale maintained its edge even as opponents developed new cars. Lancia’s motorsports expertise kept them in the winner’s circle.

Lancia Delta Rally car Legendary Accomplishments

Some of the Lancia Delta Integrale’s most prestigious successes included:

Winning the 1991 San Remo rally with Juha Kankkunen by 33 minutes after a dramatic duel with Didier Auriol.
Capturing the legendary Rallye Monte Carlo in plowing snow in 1990, outlasting powerful 4WD competition.

Overcoming the mighty Toyota Celica GT-Four in the grueling Safari Rally, thanks to resilience.
No matter the conditions, the thoroughbred Integrale proved nearly unbeatable at its peak, beating rival legends like the Celica, Subaru Legacy, and Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

Legacy as a Lancia Delta Rally car Icon

The Integrale’s run of six straight manufacturer titles stands as one of rallying’s enduring records, proving Italy could produce a world-beater. As Group A faded, so did Lancia, but Delta Integrale’s reputation lives on.

With its plush interior and menacing wide fenders masking a tenacious turbo all-wheel drive powertrain, the Integrale perfectly encapsulated its era. For any rally fan, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale stands among the very best.

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