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Rally Car Group B – The Thunderous缩略图

Rally Car Group B – The Thunderous

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rally car group B from 1982 to 1986, the FIA’s Group B formula revolutionized rally racing, allowing nearly unrestricted development of the most outrageous supercars ever turned loose on public roads. Group B’s short reign left an indelible mark through advanced engineering and extreme performance before dangers forced its cancellation. Let’s examine the in credible…

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Lancia Rally Car 1970s – Kings of the ‘70s Rally Era缩略图

Lancia Rally Car 1970s – Kings of the ‘70s Rally Era

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lancia Rally Car 1970s during the unforgettable Group 4 and Group 5 era of rallying spanning the late 1960s through the 1970s, Italian automaker Lancia established dominance through advanced competition cars like the Stratos and Fulvia. Driven by legends, Lancia rally cars outshone rivals to capture championships worldwide.  Let’s examine these pivotal 1970s rally models…

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Lancia Delta Rally car HF Integrale Dominated Rallying缩略图

Lancia Delta Rally car HF Integrale Dominated Rallying

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lancia Delta Rally car like the Stratos carved out rally fame, the boxy Delta HF Integrale stands above all as one of the most accomplished rally cars ever produced. Introduced in 1987 and evolving over six years, the Integrale won an astounding six consecutive manufacturer’s titles in the World Rally Championship. Let’s explore the technology…

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Inside the Revolutionary Lancia Stratos HF缩略图

Inside the Revolutionary Lancia Stratos HF

Reading Time: 3 minutes The mid-engine Lancia Stratos HF fundamentally changed rally racing with its radical body, nimble handling, and powerful V6 engine. Despite limited production, the Stratos became a legend by dominating events worldwide thanks to an innovative purpose-built design unmatched in the 1970s. Lancia Stratos HF Revolutionary Concept Origins The Stratos project began life as a styling…

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