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The 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Martini Rally Car

1992 martini rally car

When rally fans glimpse the unmistakable blue, red and gold paint scheme of 1992 martini rally car Racing, it instantly evokes the glory days of the World Rally Championship. No car captured the spirit of the Martini livery more memorably than the 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

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This dominant rally rocket maintained Lancia’s stronghold on the WRC, clinching the driver’s title for Didier Auriol and cementing the Delta Integrale among the greatest rally cars ever made. Its racing pedigree, bold styling and raw power made the ’92 Delta Integrale a force to be reckoned with worldwide.

Evolution of an Elite Rally Car

The Lancia Delta Integrale evolved over several years into one of the most successful rally cars of all time. It began life as a Group A competitor in 1987, winning the WRC title that inaugural season. Engineers kept refining the Delta, adding features like four-wheel drive and an electronically controlled differential for superior traction.

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Under the hood, an uprated 2.0L 16-valve turbocharged engine generated over 200hp in race trim. Paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the motor’s broad powerband catapulted the Delta out of tight corners. Its muscular fender flares housed gravel-gripping Pirelli tires mounted on OZ Racing wheels.

By 1992, the latest Evo version had an improved aero package and even more power – an advanced, refined rally weapon.

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Martini Makes its Mark

Martini’s connection to Lancia’s motorsports legacy began in the 1970s. From the powerful Stratos to the dominant 037, Martini’s vibrant colors adorned Lancia’s rally rockets through decades of racing success. Fans worldwide associated the stripes, color blocks and Martini logo with championship-winning performance.

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The 1992 martini rally car Integrale extended this tradition, representing the pinnacle of Lancia and Martini’s rally partnership. Martini’s sponsorship connected the road-going Delta to its WRC twin, emphasizing racing heritage. For Lancia, the iconic livery amplified the Delta Integrale’s aura as an exotic high-performance icon.

Martini’s branding helped make the Integrale an enduring symbol of rallying through the years, transcending its WRC titles. The striking Martini look made Lancia’s rally car as bold and distinctive on the outside as it was precise and powerful under the skin.

Total WRC Domination

1992 martini rally car’s return paid off big in 1992 as the Delta Integrale won its fifth consecutive WRC Manufacturers’ Championship for Lancia. French driver Didier Auriol piloted his Martini-liveried Integrale to driver’s championship glory, cementing himself as king of the early ‘90s WRC.

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The car continued Lancia’s dominance on nearly every surface. From the icy Swedish rally to events in Australia and New Zealand, the Integrale was the class of the WRC field. Its well-sorted suspension and tenacious grip devoured rough and slick terrain while its turbocharged heart pulled strongly from low RPMs.

Reliability issues for key rivals helped clinch the title, but the Integrale’s incredible pace was undeniable. WRC events worldwide showcased Lancia’s expertise in extracting every ounce of performance from the champion Delta.

Legacy as an Icon

The 1992 season marked the beginning of the end for the mighty Delta Integrale’s WRC reign. But its five straight championships and 63 total WRC wins cemented its status as a bonafide rally legend. The Martini livery forever linked the Integrale to rallying’s glory days in the minds of fans worldwide.

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As Group A regulations ended in 1993, so did the Integrale’s WRC career. The final homologation Evo 2 spec cars are now highly sought after by collectors. Yet even as technology advanced, the Integrale’s balance of power, agility and style has never been replicated.

Like the evocative Martini paint scheme, the Integrale name continues to represent Lancia’s racing heritage. With its 1992 championship, the Martini-liveried Integrale went out on top as one of the greatest rally cars the WRC has ever seen.

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