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ferrari 512m

Ferrari 512M

The Dominant Ferrari 512M The Ferrari 512M represents one of the most dominant sports prototype racers ever built. This iconic Ferrari model clinched both the constructor’s and driver’s World Championship titles in 1971 and 1972. The 512M demonstrated Ferrari’s excellence in engine performance and aerodynamic design. Its successes cemented Ferrari’s reputation for producing competitive and…

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Ferrari 328 – Evolution of the 308 Platform缩略图

Ferrari 328 – Evolution of the 308 Platform

Ferrari 328 – Evolution of the 308 Platform The Ferrari 328 built upon the successful 308/328 GTB and GTS models by bringing additional power, handling, and refinement to Ferrari’s V8-powered 2-seat sports car. Produced from 1985 to 1989, the 328 represented an evolution of the popular 308 rather than a full redesign. Upgrades focused on…

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Ferrari 308 – The Accessible Prancing Horse缩略图

Ferrari 308 – The Accessible Prancing Horse

Among iconic Ferraris bridging the gap between aspirational ownership and everyday realities beyond the showroom, few proved as instrumental to the brand’s success as the 1975-1985 Ferrari 308. As the long-awaited successor to the venerable 1960s 246 Dino and 275 models, the sleek fiberglass-bodied 308 brought Maranello’s racing pedigree within reach for the first time…

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