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Singer Porsche – Bringing Masterful Craftsmanship to the 911

Singer Porsche – Bringing Masterful Craftsmanship to the 911

Founded in 2009, Singer Vehicle Design is a California-based company dedicated to restoring and modifying Porsche 911s with exquisite craftsmanship. Singer takes existing 911s and reimagines them with bespoke styling, upgraded performance, and interiors tailored to each customer’s vision. The result is Porsche 911s optimized by Singer’s meticulous restoration process to be both heritage-inspired yet cutting-edge performers on the road and track. 

Singer has quickly become revered by Porsche enthusiasts for their obsessive attention to detail from every angle. A “restored by Singer” badge commands premium prices at auction thanks to the hundreds of painstaking hours invested refining each car. For Porsche 911 devotees, Singer fulfills the promise of maximizing the 911’s performance and aesthetic appeal through masterful craftsmanship.

A Passion for the Air-Cooled 911

Singer Vehicle Design was founded by British entrepreneur Rob Dickinson, a passionate Porsche owner. Dickinson recognized a demand among Porsche 911 collectors who wanted to optimize their prized sports cars without compromising heritage and authenticity.Singer DLS, la più incredibile delle Porsche 911 - Ruoteclassiche

Singer fulfills this mission by focusing on the iconic air-cooled Porsche 911s built between 1990-1994. Porsche 911s selected by Singer are completely stripped and refinished to both correct any flaws and enhance performance. The restoration process can involve over 4,000 hours of labor to achieve Singer’s obsessively high standards.

Bespoke Design, Performance and Personalization

Every aspect of a Singer 911 is personalized to the owner’s preferences, from exterior styling to engine upgrades. Exteriors can be finished in custom colors along with personalized badging and liveries. Carbon fiber body panels reduce weight. The signature ducktail rear spoiler maximizes downforce and recalls classic 911s.

For performance, Singer strives to make its 911s both powerful and useable. Engine options range from 3.6L to 4.0L making over 400 horsepower, improved with updated suspension, brakes, and modern amenities. The goal is enhancing the inherent 911 driving experience without compromise. Interiors are fully reimagined in the finest leather with personalized stitching and trim.

The Human Touch Sets Singer Apart

What truly distinguishes a Singer 911 is the sheer human effort involved. Hundreds of hours are invested in bodywork finessing each panel and component to perfection. Every mechanical and electrical system is refinished or re-engineered. The final product retains the unmistakable Porsche 911 essence through a masterful restoration uniquely suited to the owner.

The result are Porsche 911s with over 500,000 dollars invested to optimize performance and aesthetics to an unparalleled degree. For Porsche 911 devotees, Singers represent the pinnacle of maximizing the 911’s spirit through meticulous and tasteful craftsmanship. These highly coveted sports cars are a testament to realizing perfection through specialized human skill.

The Future of Automotive Craftsmanship

Singer Porsche proves there remains demand for meticulous human skill even as technology advances. In an age of 3D printing and automation, Singer stays true to an older ethos valuing details, imperfections, and passion. Their success reflects drivers still longing for that human touch alongside performance.

Much as vintage watchmaking or bespoke suits, there is an inherent appeal in combining old-world craft with modernity. For those seeking the ultimate expression of the Porsche 911 driving experience, Singer delivers a near-priceless human touch. The future promises exciting new realms combining human ingenuity, technology, and unmatched driver engagement.

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