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BMW M7: Building the Ultimate M Sedan

As the pinnacle of BMW’s luxury sedan lineup since 1977, the 7 Series represents the ultimate combination of technology, refinement, and driving dynamics available to rear-wheel drive flagship sedans. However, BMW has yet to develop an iconic M7 performance model to channel its Motorsport division’s expertise into the top-line 7. This article will explore what an M7 could look like if BMW elects to enter high-performance luxury sedan territory dominated by Mercedes-AMG. 

Concept: Crafting the Ultimate Driving Machine

The core concept is simple: leverage everything that makes the 7 Series flagship uniquely special among luxury cars, then amplify each element to create the supreme BMW driving experience.

Start with the advanced architecture and smooth inline 6-cylinder or twin-turbo V8 engines, then meticulously evolve each component to achieve sharper reflexes without compromising comfort over long distances. This delicate balancing act epitomizes the essence of what makes an M car special– blending authentic racing pedigree with everyday drivability into a personality-rich package.

Design Philosophy: Understated Elegance + Aggressive Sport Details

Fundamentally, the M7 would carry its extra performance potency subtly in its exterior design. BMW would likely follow its familiar M design template seen on models from M3 to M8 applying purposeful tweaks to the kidney grilles, bumpers, side skirts, wheels, and quad tailpipes to project a more sporting character without undermining the 7’s inherent elegance.

Look closer and enthusiasts will spot signature M Division cues from motorsport-inspired exterior mirrors to unique badging and wheels sized to fit sports brake system hardware with red calipers peeking out to announce this sedan’s lofty capabilities. No garish wings or tacked-on graphics are needed. The M7 makes its statement via German sophistication concealing a heart for high performance.

Inside, expect an intimate cockpit ambiance with 8snug sports seats up front separated by thick armrests and controls falling readily to hand. 7 Series tech like ambient cabin lighting, fragrance ionization, and massaging seats thankfully carry over for long-haul comfort while a unique thick-rim M steering wheel and analog gauges connect drivers more intimately to the driving experience.

For passengers, the expansive executive seating in the back mimics private jet accommodations allowing stretching out to fully enjoy the ride ensconced in premium leathers, rare woods, twin entertainment screens, and champagne tucked into the integrated cabin coolers. Even at its sportiest, luxury always comes first in this M.

Powertrain Specifications: BMW M7 Focused on Utter Precision

Built for transcontinental cruising as easily as attacking alpine switchbacks, multiple powertrain options suit an M7. A detuned version of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 from the M5 seems logical, likely rated around 590 horsepower. However, we expect BMW would also offer an electrified variant enhancing velocity on demand through instant-on electric torque filling gaps while an advanced mild hybrid system recoups braking energy for fast acceleration bursts.

No matter, if powered by six-, eight–, or twelve-cylinder, all M7 engines, would offer abundant thrust focused on usable power versus peak horsepower bragging rights. That means forced induction to eliminate turbo lag along with BMW’s latest Dynamic Stability Control system tuning delivering all available might with German precision. Expect 0-60 mph launches in under 4 seconds thanks to advanced xDrive transferring every ounce of torque vectoring rearward with M xDrive’s rear-biased calibration.

Of course, a bespoke chassis and suspension setup reduces unsprung mass over standard 7-series underpinnings while Adaptive M suspension calibrates all settings for athletic reflexes without compromise. Iconic mixed-width staggered setups put the power down via specially developed rubber molded just for the M7 to feed an appetite for autobahn acceleration runs or attacking alpine switchbacks while retaining forgiving damping over pockmarked city streets.

BMW M7 Driving Experience: Poise meets Performance

The complete driving experience amounts to a 7 Series turned up in every measurable way without losing inherently elegant deportment. It pulls off the magic trick that makes every M special: Unlocking performance potentials within an existing chassis to reveal new depths of capability.

In the case of the M7, expect all the latest 7 Series active systems enhanced through M Division’s racing expertise for conquering challenging roads without drama. Steering tightens up with added feedback through the Alcantara-wrapped wheel connected directly to the front wheels while remaining light at low speeds. Momentum builds deceptively quick as an authority belying 5,000 lbs unleashes while quad exhausts awaken with the rush of induction, gear shifts, and eight pistons firing in harmonic anger.

Yet its forte focuses on devouring long open sweepers versus clawing out hairpins. Function takes priority over flash even as carbon ceramic brakes spare no pace rapidly erasing velocity gracefully without drama before the next attack begins. Through it all, the M7 retains a gentleman’s poise bringing multi-dimensional talents to owners who crave exclusivity, innovation, and real driving satisfaction from the ultimate automotive creation.

Conclusion: One Enthralling Identity

Successfully executed, this M7 would crown the 7 Series range by harmonizing extreme capabilities honed through championship motorsport success with no compromise luxury expected of a flagship sedan. It would capture the essence of BMW M within an elegant presentation promising visceral engagement, the latest technology, and real practicality in one enthralling package.

While just an unconfirmed concept thus far, such an intriguing proposition shows grounds for optimism believing BMW could craft an M7 sedan rivaling pedigree established by Mercedes-AMG already through the brutally quick E63, S63, and S65 models wearing its badge. With refinement, performance, and heritage as core brand pillars, the table seems perfect for BMW M to unleash its Motorsport division creating an M7 masterpiece redefining limits yet again.

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