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An Underdog Champion – The Mazda3 Rally Car


The Mazda3 Rally Car TCR took the touring car racing world by storm in 2019, claiming an improbable victory in the Manufacturer’s Championship. The front-wheel-drive hatchback succeeded where traditional rear-drive designs fell short. Let’s examine how the unassuming Mazda3 turbocharged to the top of the podium.

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The Mazda3 Rally Car Is An Unlikely Platform

Mazda chose its road-going 3 hatchbacks as the basis for its latest TCR racing entry. Front-wheel drive and four doors stood at odds with traditional rear-drive coupe silhouettes in the series. But Mazda saw potential in the affordable compact.

Engineers fitted a 2.0-liter turbocharged motor producing 350 horsepower. The transmission converted to a 6-speed sequential racing gearbox. A limited-slip differential and adjustable anti-roll bars improved traction and handling.

Aerodynamic adjustments like a rear wing, diffuser, and reshaped fascia planted the 3 at high speed. The interior stripped down to a full racing cockpit. Mazda took an economy car in an extreme new direction.

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Mazda3 Rally Car Is Optimized for Racing

Extensive development optimized the 3 for touring car duty. Lightweight suspension components sharpened transient response. Chassis reinforcements increased torsional rigidity for precise handling.

An aggressive 50/50 weight distribution ensured rotation in corners. 24-hour endurance testing ensured durability under racing conditions. Mazda built its compact for total performance and reliability.

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The Results

In 2019, the Mazda3 TCR took touring car grids by storm. The underdog frequently outpaced higher-profile entries fielded by the likes of Audi, Volkswagen, and Hyundai. Mazda claimed the manufacturers title while driver Esteban Guerrieri finished runner-up.

The next season brought more success as the Mazda3 remained competitive. Its giant-killing performance proved that thinking differently could overcome the establishment. The diminutive Mazda slayed rear-drive rivals with sheer speed.

Cornering Prowess

The key to the Mazda3’s success is tenacious front-end grip. Aggressive alignment settings and anti-roll bar tuning keep the outside tire firmly planted during hard cornering, resisting understeer. The limited-slip differential vectors torque across the front axle for powering out of turns.

On tight circuits, the Mazda maintains momentum with agile rotation and solid traction. The torquey motor delivers strong acceleration onto the straights. Mazda created a new FWD benchmark for cornering and acceleration.

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The Everyday Hero—Mazda3 Rally Car

Part of the appeal stems from the Mazda3 TCR remaining highly identifiable as a street car. Its compact hatchback shape contrasts the bespoke racing machines fielded by other manufacturers. Fans love cheering an underdog they can relate to.

The rally team took an ordinary grocery-getter and transformed it into an unlikely titan. Seeing it humble exotic rear-drive opponents demonstrates that skillful engineering trumps budgets. The Mazda3’s Cinderella story captured hearts worldwide.

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Still Evolving

Mazda continually refines its winning TCR formula. Ongoing aerodynamic tweaks eke out performance while maintaining drivability. The latest suspension revisions dial-in mechanical grip. Software calibrations optimize power delivery and drivetrain responsiveness.

Rather than create an all-new design, Mazda is doubling down on maximizing the capabilities of its existing platform. This proof-of-concept from an economy car seems poised to continue its reign.

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Giant Slaying Personified

The Mazda3 TCR became the personification of an underdog toppling established giants. Mazda took an affordable compact commuter and infused it with championship racing DNA. Fan support swells for the likable longshot that could.

By optimizing rather than replacing, Mazda created a Cinderella story of unlikely achievement. The Mazda3 TCR embodies the scrappy spirit that makes autosport so compelling. Count it out at your own peril.

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