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The JDM grills for 2015 wrx upgrading

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If you own a 2015 or newer Subaru WRX, one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform its look is by upgrading to an aftermarket JDM grills for 2015 wrx. JDM (Japanese domestic market) grilles feature an aggressive, tuner-inspired aesthetic that instantly makes your 2015 WRX stand out. In this in-depth article, we’ll look at some of the top options for JDM grilles, how to choose the right one, and install it onto your 2015 WRX.

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One of the first things you notice on the 2015 Subaru WRX is the front grille.

The stock version has a rather tame design, with simple chrome horizontal bars that blend in with the crowds. For enthusiasts looking to customize their WRX, an aftermarket JDM grille is often one of the top mods. JDM grilles ditch the bland chrome styling in favor of gloss black mesh or carbon fiber textures and shapes. Furthermore, the open vent or honeycomb patterns give your 2015 WRX a much more aggressive and performance-oriented personality.

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When choosing a JDM grills for 2015 wrx, you have several options from leading aftermarket manufacturers. Here are some of the most popular choices:

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  • Perrin 2.0 Resin Grille –

  • This menacing grille features a completely blacked-out design made from durable resin construction. It retains the factory mounting points for straightforward installation. The honeycomb mesh fill accentuates its sharp, tuner styling.
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  • Varis Wide Body Front Bumper Grille –

  • Varis produces a full aero kit for the 2015 WRX, including widened fenders and a lower front bumper opening. This carbon fiber JDM grille is specifically contoured and designed for the Varis bumper.
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  • Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood and Grille –

  • The Seibon grille seamlessly integrates with their optional carbon fiber hood replacement. It has a unique shape with open vents that complements the hood’s lines.
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  • Rally Innovations Top Mesh Grill –

  • For a more budget-friendly option, Rally Innovations offers a direct OEM replacement grille with horizontal mesh texture. It keeps the stock grille shape but ditches the chrome.

Additionally, you can find many more JDM grille options from other brands like TRS, Subimods, JDMFV, and Premium Auto Styling. When comparing, look for quality materials like OEM-grade plastics, resin, or real carbon fiber. Also ensure the grille matches the stock mounting position and has good reviews.

Installing these aftermarket grilles takes simple hand tools and 1-2 hours for most driveway mechanics. First, you’ll need to remove the front bumper cover from the core support by unscrewing the fastening bolts. Next, unclip the stock grille and replace it with the new JDM grille using the OEM mounting locations. Finally, reinstall the bumper cover and any other removed trim pieces.

Upgrading to an aftermarket JDM-style grille is one of the fastest ways to customize the look of your 2015+ Subaru WRX.

Aggressive JDM grilles from Perrin, Varis, Seibon, Rally Innovations, and others give your WRX an instant improved style. With easy bolt-on installation, you can transform the front end with a bold new mesh or carbon fiber grill. For 2015 WRX owners looking to stand out from the crowd, a quality JDM grille is a great bang-for-the-buck mod.

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