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AE86 Rally Car – Legend on Gravel缩略图

AE86 Rally Car – Legend on Gravel

AE86 Rally Car hatchback enjoys a towering reputation among enthusiasts as the drift icon beloved in Initial D. But long before drifting fame, the nimble AE86 built an esteemed rally racing pedigree from the mid-1980s onward, humbling more advanced machinery.   Thanks to brilliant weight distribution and handling finesse, modified AE86s became giant slayers in rally…

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The JDM Subaru BRZ – Driver’s Delight缩略图

The JDM Subaru BRZ – Driver’s Delight

The JDM Subaru BRZ and its Toyota twin represent one of the purest modern sports cars built. JDM enthusiasts know that the Japanese-spec BRZ variants take things even further. With additional performance upgrades from Subaru, the JDM BRZ perfectly blends power and handling. The Whole Package Of Subaru BRZ The BRZ follows classical front-engine, rear-wheel-drive…

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