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The Legendary Nissan 180sx

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Legendary Nissan 180sx For Japanese drift enthusiasts, the Nissan 180sx is the stuff of legend. This rear-wheel drive coupe has built an iconic reputation in the tuning community thanks to its lightweight chassis, potent engine capabilities, and graceful drift-happy handling. Even decades after the last 180sx rolled off the production line, demand and prices…

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180sx type x

Japan’s Coveted 180SX Type X Sports Coupe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Japan’s Coveted 180SX Type X Sports Coupe It stands out as one of Nissan’s most celebrated sports coupes ever sold. As the ultimate iteration of the trend-setting 180SX, the Type X gained exclusive enhancements setting it apart from standard models. Strictly limited production numbers matched with a dedicated fan following cement the 180SX Type X’s…

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S13 180SX – Bringing Style & Substance to Coupes缩略图

S13 180SX – Bringing Style & Substance to Coupes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nissan 180SX S13 – Bringing Style & Substance to Japanese Sports Coupes When Nissan debuted their new rear-wheel drive Silvia model code-named S13 in 1989, it brought a welcome injection of style and driving enthusiasm to the affordable coupe segment. Sold internationally as the 180SX, this new entry captured the hearts and wallets of sports…

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