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Rally Car Group B – The Thunderous缩略图

Rally Car Group B – The Thunderous

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rally car group B from 1982 to 1986, the FIA’s Group B formula revolutionized rally racing, allowing nearly unrestricted development of the most outrageous supercars ever turned loose on public roads. Group B’s short reign left an indelible mark through advanced engineering and extreme performance before dangers forced its cancellation. Let’s examine the in credible…

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Quattro Rally Car Groundbreaking缩略图

Quattro Rally Car Groundbreaking

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quattro Rally Car by Audi’s racing reputation was defined in the 1980s by their revolutionary Quattro all-wheel drive rally car. With its unique architecture packing a turbocharged inline 5-cylinder powering all four wheels, the Quattro became a dominant force in the World Rally Championship. Let’s explore the engineering and rally racing success that made the…

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