How to Become a NASCAR Driver

Like many young racing enthusiasts, you may dream of becoming a professional NASCAR driver one day. It’s natural to watch stars like Kyle Busch, Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin battle it out on Sundays and imagine yourself behind the wheel. Yet making it to the top series in auto racing’s biggest stage seems like an…

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What Does NASCAR Stand For ?

Background on NASCAR’s popularity As the most popular auto racing organization in the United States, NASCAR has grown into a global sports entertainment phenomenon over the last 75 years. Thanks to races like the high-profile Daytona 500 and iconic drivers like Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon, NASCAR has attracted millions of followers throughout its history….

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Daytona 500 – Tales of Tragedy and Triumph缩略图

Daytona 500 – Tales of Tragedy and Triumph

The Daytona 500 – NASCAR’s biggest stage where triumph is often intertwined with tragedy. As the Great American Race prepares for its 65th running, we spotlight five past installments etched into racing lore for their unbelievable twists of fate. 1979 Daytona 500: The Fight to the Finish Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough battled fiercely over…

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The Fast and Furious World of NASCAR Racing缩略图

The Fast and Furious World of NASCAR Racing

NASCAR racing represents motorsport spectacle on a massive scale – loud, fast, and fully American. Massive V8 engines power specialized cars to insane speeds around high-banked oval tracks across the country. Let’s examine why hundreds of thousands of fans flock to NASCAR races every year and what makes these events so hugely popular yet controversial….

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