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McLaren F1 GTR – Turning the Legendary F1

McLaren F1 GTR – Turning the Legendary F1 The McLaren F1 GTR took the iconic 1990s supercar’s extreme performance into competitive motorsports with great success. Developed for GT and endurance racing, the F1 GTR won an overall victory at Le Mans in 1995, cementing the namesake McLaren’s racing legend. Its specially modified BMW V12 pumped…

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Mercedes SLR McLaren : Inside the German-British Supercar

Mercedes SLR McLaren – When Silver Arrows Fuse With a Supercar Formula Among petrolheads, few automotive bloodlines command fonder affinity than Mercedes-Benz’s historic “Silver Arrow” 300 SLR sports racer piloted by Sir Stirling Moss or Juan Manuel Fangio dominating rally, circuit racing, and the iconic Mille Miglia during the powerhouse 1950s factory efforts. Half a…

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