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Legendary Subaru Race Car

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Subaru Race Car comes to rally racing, few automakers can match the success of Subaru. The brand has claimed multiple driver’s and manufacturer’s championships in the World Rally Championship thanks to fast and durable race cars like the Impreza WRX STI. Let’s look back at some of the most significant and memorable competition Subarus.

1992 Legacy RS – Subaru Race Car

One of Subaru race car’s first successful forays into the World Rally Championship came with the boxy Legacy RS sedan in 1992. Powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine generating well over 300hp, the small Legacy proved an unlikely giant killer in the hands of Markku Alén, winning three events.

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The following year, Subaru took the constructor’s title, announcing the brand’s arrival as a rally powerhouse. The surprisingly quick Legacy RS paved the way.

1995 Impreza WRX STi Version I

In 1994, Subaru introduced the Impreza which soon became the brand’s rally flagship. The 1995 Impreza WRX STi Version I once again carried the boxer engine and all-wheel drive formula that proved so effective in the Legacy.

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With Body revisions optimized for aerodynamics and downforce, the Version I impressed, earning the constructor’s title in 1995. Driven by stars like Colin McRae, the early Impreza became synonymous with Subaru rally success.

2001 Impreza WRC – Subaru Race Car

A high point for the World Rally Championship Impreza came in 2001 when British driver Richard Burns piloted the latest Impreza WRC to Subaru’s second driver’s championship.

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With an improved Active Differential making the most of the 227hp Boxer engine. The 2001 Impreza helped end a streak of six straight constructor’s titles for rival Mitsubishi. Fan favorite McRae finished an impressive third further cementing the Impreza’s rally prowess.

2008 Impreza WRX STI NHRA ProRally

Outside World Rally competition, Subaru enjoyed success stateside in rallycross racing thanks to the burly Impreza NHRA ProRally car.

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Commissioned for the rallycross-focused NHRA ProRally championship starting in 2001, the ProRally car generated well over 500hp from its 2.5-liter flat-four turbo engine. Subaru Rallycross Team USA pilots including Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra and Tanner Foust wheeled the car to multiple NHRA driver’s titles thanks to traction maximizing gold wheels.

2018 WRX STI Type RA

Continuing the rally-bred bloodline, the limited edition 2018 WRX STI Type RA pays homage to Subaru’s racing heritage. Reducing weight while increasing downforce, stiffness, and grip, the 310hp track-focused Type RA sets Nürburgring lap records for four-door sedans.

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Built expressly for hardcore driving fans, the Type RA shows how racing improvements continue to benefit road cars.

2022 WRX STI

As Subaru leaves the World Rally Championship, the latest 2022 WRX STI production car incorporates the teams’ hard-won expertise.

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A revised 2.4-liter turbo Boxer engine, active torque vectoring, and recalibrated differentials represent the most driver-focused STI yet. While the factory team moves on, rally lessons learned live on in new generation Subarus to the benefit of enthusiasts.

Conclusion Of Subaru Race Car

Starting with the surprising Legacy RS in the early 1990s to today’s supremely capable 2022 WRX STI production sedan. Subaru has never forgotten its rally roots.

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Championship-winning race cars like the fearsome Impreza WRC firmly established the brand as a force to be reckoned with on dirt, snow, and tarmac worldwide. For over 25 years, Subaru rally machines have proven tough to beat thanks to smart engineering, tenacious drivers, and turbo Boxer power put to the ground. As icons like the 555-sponsored blue with gold wheel Imprezas have shown, when it comes to rally racing, Subarus have earned their shot at the podium.

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