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Porsche 964 1989-1994 – The Iconic

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The 1989-1994 Porsche 964 represents a technological shift for the 911, advancing the rear-engine icon with improved performance, comfort, and innovations while retaining classic style. As the successor to the long-running G Series 911, the 964 ushered in new levels of refinement and technology.

Background Leading to the Porsche 964

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By the late 1980s, Porsche sought to carry the 911 into a new era using the latest automotive technology. While the “G Series” 911 had evolved through 20 years of continuing development, Porsche engineers recognized the need to incorporate more dramatic advances. The resulting 964 model ushered in a new generation that built upon proven 911 design elements while making significant leaps forward.

Infusion of New Technology

While retaining the defining rear-engine, flat-six layout, the Porsche 964 represented the most technologically advanced 911 generation produced to date when it debuted for the 1990 model year. Some of the key innovations included:

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More powerful 247 hp 3.6L flat-six-cylinder boxer engine
First 911 to offer all-wheel-drive
Integrated bumpers and advanced aerodynamic improvements
ABS anti-lock brakes and power steering
Completely redesigned multi-link rear suspension
These technologies allowed the 964 to raise the bar in 911 performance while delivering a more refined daily driving experience. The available all-wheel drive system also brought a new dimension of capability and handling perfection to the 911 formula.

Porsche 964 Driving Characteristics and Handling

The Porsche 964 provided a significantly elevated performance envelope compared to previous 911s thanks to innovative new technologies under the skin.

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With 0-60 mph acceleration as quick as 5.0 seconds from the Turbo variant. The Porsche 964 outpaced rivals with an ideal blend of power and nimble handling. Road tests praised its enhanced composure and confidence at the limits. It could be attributed to the revised rear suspension and optional all-wheel drive improving traction.

Interior Comfort and Design

Along with the performance improvements, Porsche upgraded the 911 cockpit design and comfort in the 964. The stylish interior featured supportive front seats, clear analog gauges, and improved ergonomics. Signature 911 elements like the central tachometer were preserved, blending seamlessly with conveniences like air conditioning and a premium stereo.

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On the outside, the Porsche 964 retained the iconic 911 silhouette but with modernized bumpers and aerodynamics. Flush mounting and a more steeply-raked windshield helped airflow while allowing the recognizable profile to continue. These thoughtful styling tweaks reflect the balanced approach of blending innovation with heritage throughout the 964.

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Legacy as a Future Collectible

Today, the Porsche 964 commands respect as the forefather to all modern 911 variants and represents the most technologically advanced classic 911. As a result, pristine low-mileage examples are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Often selling for over $200,000 at auction.

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For these reasons, the 1989-1994 Porsche 964 stands out as a landmark model that brought the 911 into a new era. It will be remembered as a turning point that set the stage for all the legendary 911 models that followed in its footsteps.

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