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McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity

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McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity

The exclusive McLaren Sabre embodies a new pinnacle of bespoke hypercar exclusivity for the rarefied British brand. Revealed in late 2021 as part of McLaren’s new 18-month Ultimate Series program, only 15 examples of the Sabre will be hand-built to customer specifications. Its carbon fiber coupe shape melds sensuous lines with aerodynamic function. Underneath lies McLaren’s most powerful non-hybrid powertrain yet along with state-of-the-art chassis engineering. Priced at $3.1 million, the Sabre showcases Woking’s ultimate expressions of speed, luxury, and rarity. McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity插图

Made-to-Order Design and Construction

Developed by McLaren Special Operations, the Sabre eschews a fixed design for complete made-to-order personalization. Customers consult directly with designers to tailor the carbon fiber bodywork, interior trimmings, and paint scheme per their desires. Fittings like 24-carat gold heat shields and personalized chassis plaques continue the bespoke treatment. Each Sabre takes over 800 hours of dedicated specialist construction. McLaren promises no two will be identical thanks to this unmatched consultation process afforded only the most prestigious clients.McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity插图1

McLaren Sabre Powerful Yet Efficient Twin-Turbo V8

Motivation comes from McLaren’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, modified for the Sabre to produce 835ps (825hp) and 590lb-ft. of torque. Yet the engine retains efficiency from lightweight internals and low friction design, essential for quick throttle response. This allows repeated maximum acceleration runs without power drop-off. Active exhaust tuning adds aural drama befitting the Sabre’s exclusivity. Supercar acceleration comes via a seamless 7-speed transmission routing power to the rear wheels through an electronic differential.McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity插图2

Race-Derived Chassis Technology

McLaren pulls from its motorsports experience in designing the Sabre’s chassis for extreme capabilities. The carbon monocoque weighs just 178 pounds but provides immense rigidity. Active hydraulic suspension and four-way adjustable dampers allow tuning on the fly. Carbon ceramic brakes surpassing Formula 1 specifications enable repeated high-speed stops without fade. Electronic systems like predictive suspension and an adaptive drivetrain analytics algorithm extract every ounce of performance from the chassis and powertrain.McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity插图3

McLaren Sabre Aerodynamics Refined Through AI

The Sabre pushes innovation through the use of artificial intelligence in developing its aerodynamics. McLaren employed computational fluid dynamics models and AI-enhanced simulation to optimize downforce, drag, and cooling airflow. The computer-honed shape manipulates air without the wings or gaps evident in P1 and Senna. Augmented by active aero elements, the Sabre cuts through the air efficiently yet presses down with over a ton of downforce near 200mph thanks to AI refinement.McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity插图4

A New Standard of Commissioned Excellence

McLaren specializes in combining technology with luxury, but Sabre’s bespoke focus raises the bar higher than any past Woking offering. Cars of this elite caliber often feel coldly engineered around lap times despite their stupendous price. However, McLaren aims to deliver an emotional, individualized experience through the Sabre. It epitomizes the brand’s unique expertise in enabling a handful of patrons access to hypercar performances shaped personally for their exclusive desires.McLaren Sabre – Bespoke Hypercar Exclusivity插图5

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