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Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar

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Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar

In the mid-2000s, Italian automaker Maserati stunned the world by unleashing the outrageous MC12 supercar. A limited production model homologated for racing, the MC12 pushed boundaries with its extreme performance, race-bred chassis, and awe-inspiring style. Its Ferrari-sourced powertrain and Formula 1-derived technology combined to create a fascinating without equal for the road and track.  Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图

Racecar Maserati MC12 Underpinnings

The Maserati MC12 leveraged the company’s racing experience developing the Ferrari Enzo-based FIA GT1 championship contender of the same name. Carbon fiber construction, advanced aerodynamics, and a centralized driving position optimized its race-ready capabilities. Composite chassis components like the tubular subframes and body panels were lifted directly from the MC12 GT1 racer. Maserati also tuned the suspension and powerplant for supercar performance targets befitting the MC12’s racing spirit.Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图1

Aggressive Design Language

The MC12’s visually arresting form matched its extreme performance. An ominous low and wide stance emphasized the mid-engine layout. Dramatic doors scissored upwards for access. Huge vents dominated the front and rear fascias. The roof-mounted intake and rear wing optimized downforce while recalling Formula 1 influences. Yet the MC12 also retained some signature Maserati cues through its imposing grille and shapely fenders. The styling pushed boundaries, becoming an automotive poster car overnight.Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图2

Ferrari Horsepower in a Maserati Shell

The MC12 was powered by the same 6.0-liter V12 as Ferrari’s formidable Enzo, tuned to 620 horsepower. This fascinating powerplant enabled acceleration from 0-60mph in just 3.8 seconds. Mated to a semi-automatic 6-speed transmission from the Enzo, it achieved over 205mph flat-out. The wailing V12’s output surpassed most contemporary rivals while delivering a soundtrack worthy of an F1 car. Maserati had created one of the fastest road cars in existence through this powertrain partnership.Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图3

Duality of Purpose

Maserati engineered the MC12 from the outset for both road and track duties. Concessions for street comfort did not diminish its performance capabilities. The interior retained luxury touches like leather and carbon fiber trim between the race-spec fixed carbon seats. A glass roof panel brought light into the two-seater cabin. Air conditioning and power windows maintained habitability in daily use. Yet unleashing the MC12’s full potential revealed a intensely dedicated racing instrument. It embodied the pinnacle of Maserati’s road and racing expertise.Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图4

Team Maserati MC12 Take Racing Titles

The racing homologation requirements ensured the development of the MC12 GT1 racer. Campaigned by Maserati itself, the racing MC12s captured three constructors’ championships in the FIA GT between 2005 and 2010. MC12s also claimed two driver’s titles, with Michael Bartels earning both crowns. This success confirmed the MC12’s credentials among elite supercars. Maserati had ascended to the top levels of international racing through the MC12’s dominance.Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图5

An Instant Elite Collector’s Item

Total production of the Maserati MC12 was just 50 units over 2004 and 2005, ensuring exclusivity. Compounding rarity, only 25 were sold to customers while the rest went to racing teams. Prices quickly escalated past $1 million due to demand from wealthy collectors. The MC12 marked a 21st century return to form for Maserati, proving itself capable of producing a range-topping supercar equal to the storied Italian brand’s legacy. It immediately joined the ranks of all-time great exotics.Maserati MC12 – The Ferrari-Powered Supercar插图6

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