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Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars

Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars缩略图

Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars

The Koenigsegg CC850 marks a milestone 20th-anniversary celebration for the niche Swedish supercar maker. Unveiled in 2022 and limited to just 50 examples, the CC850 pays tribute to the first production of Koenigsegg – the now iconic CC8S from 2002. Beneath its evocative retro-inspired design lies some of the most advanced performance technology Koenigsegg has ever produced. The CC850 showcases two decades of relentless innovation by envisioning what a reimagined CC8S might resemble today using cutting-edge solutions.Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars插图

Retro Yet Radical Styling

Koenigsegg sought to blend visual elements from the pioneering CC8S with bleeding-edge aerodynamics and construction. The CC850’s flowing silhouette and dihedral sills nod to the CC8S’s curvaceous shape. Vertical rear lights pay direct homage. Yet the massive rear wing, active rear spoiler, and advanced active suspension system represent today’s hyperspace capabilities. Inside, the delicate rectangular steering wheel and analog dials evoke yesteryear while the carbon tub and fighter jet-style glass canopy scream speed.Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars插图1

More Power than Most Hypercar Makers Combined

At the CC850’s heart lies a heavily reworked version of Koenigsegg’s 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 producing 1,385 horsepower on E85 biofuel. This towering output exceeds the combined horsepower of every production car Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Pagani currently offer combined. It propels the CC850 from 0-249mph in just 20 seconds – quicker acceleration than falling from a commercial airliner. Speed records will certainly tumble once the CC850’s full capability is unlocked on the track.Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars插图2

Technical Masterpiece Hidden Under the Skin

While the CC850’s style provides visceral appeal, the sheer innovation under the skin represents possibly an even greater achievement. Active suspension with miniature hydraulic actuators at each wheel counteracts forces in real time for unparalleled control. The triplex damper system further isolates inputs. Koenigsegg’s first fully variable aerodynamic package maximizes downforce or minimizes drag as conditions dictate. Every system leverages next-level engineering to create the ultimate road and track instrument.Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars插图3

Koenigsegg CC850 Celebrating Two Decades of Evolution

The CC850 commemorates 20 years of relentless technical progress by Koenigsegg since its inception. Christian von Koenigsegg launched his hypercar venture as a determined entrepreneur in 1994 at age 22, vowing to advance supercar state-of-the-art. Just eight years later, the CC8S production car stunned the world with its performance and innovation. The CC850 pays tribute by envisioning an alternate fantasy path branching from that milestone moment, incorporating decades of subsequent lessons to create a very different modern ultimate supercar.Koenigsegg CC850 – Celebrating 20 Years of Hypercars插图4

Koenigsegg CC850 Setting New Standards of Excess

In a niche dominated by seven and even eight-figure offerings, the multi-million dollar CC850 stands out for its sheer exclusivity even among hypercars. With a run of just 50 units planned at over $3 million each, the CC850 promises to become one of the most valuable 21st century automobiles. Its ambitious power output, technology and price establish new extremes within the already excessive hypercar segment. For the lucky few owners added to Koenigsegg’s exclusive inner circle, the CC850 represents the ultimate statement of prestige and performance.

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