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Is Mitsubishi Lancer a JDM car?

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer is not a typical JDM model, technically speaking.

First, we can’t just look at the JDM standard from the point of view. Of the number of units produced and the range of sales. It also from the point of view of the place of origin and cultural attributes. Although the Lancer has mass-produced attributes, it was developed and sold in Japan. There it has a very high reputation and status.

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Why? Because after all, it’s a mass-produced and sold globally, unlike the Skyline and Supra, which are only sold in Japan and can only be called authentic JDM, so opposing voices argue that the Lancer’s mass-produced attributes don’t have enough of the JDM’s cachet and collector’s value.

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Mitsubishi Lancer counting as a JDM could be said in favor in something:

After all, the Lancer has always represented the level of Japanese automobile manufacturing in the minds of enthusiasts, and its iconic barbed quad front end design is full of Japanese style.  Evo in particular. It was a high-performance version. That made a significant contribution to the introduction of racing culture in Europe and the United States. It can be said that the Lancer is an important messenger to let the world know the sporty genes of Japanese cars. So, even though it is not a true JDM, it is significant in spreading the spirit of JDM.

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When it comes to JDM faith in the hearts of enthusiasts. Mitsubishi’s Lancer EVO can certainly hold a place. Before it was officially discontinued in 2016, the Lancer EVO was constantly upgraded, from the original generation of EVO to EVO X. The highlight of the Lancer EVO was in 1996-1999, when it won the WRC title for four consecutive years, making it an instant hit.

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So all in all, we don’t need to be critical of Lancer’s JDM status, but rather we should fully recognize its role in promoting JDM culture from the perspective of cultural influence. It is definitely an important member of the JDM family!

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Mitsubishi Lancer is a classic in the history of JDM. It’s bringing together the original design, high performance genes, and fanatical culture of JDM. Therefore, we should put aside our stereotypes and fully recognize the Lancer’s unique contribution to JDM culture. It definitely deserves a place in the JDM pantheon!

Mitsubishi Lancer has numerous loyal fans in Japan.

Who are extremely passionate about the Lancer and have formed teams to participate in various tuning activities. This endogenous nature of the car’s culture also shows that the Lancer is an integral part of the JDM family.Is Mitsubishi Lancer a JDM car?插图5


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