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Infiniti Reveals Striking QE Concept EV Crossover


Infiniti QE concept

Infiniti made waves at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show by unveiling its bold QE concept crossover. This sleek EV demonstrates the brand’s vision for an electrified, technology-focused future.

The car is a concept vehicle. It is also the first electric model launched by the Infiniti brand. The car will debut on October 24 at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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Infiniti aims to begin transitioning its lineup to partial electrification by 2025, and the QE concept provides a preview. It combines a dedicated EV platform with avant-garde styling and an immersive digital interior.

Infiniti QE concept Sculpted Sheetmetal and Illuminated Accents

The QE exterior styling visually sets it apart on the road. Sweeping curves and kinetic lines give it a sporty, spaceship-like appearance. The “frozen” golden and shining paint shift hues depending on lighting.

Full-width illuminated strips front and rear provide a distinctive light signature. Side cameras replace mirrors to reduce drag and enable panoramic views. Infiniti designers aimed to make the QE appear sleek, seamless, and ultra-modern.

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Infiniti QE concept appearance

The teaser image only shows the rear details of the new car, you can see that the Vision Qe Concept has a very elegant and smooth shape, the rear is suspected to be designed with a dynamic rear wing, Infiniti letter logo is particularly eye-catching. Officially, the Vision Qe concept is Infiniti’s first pure electric model, and on 24 October, Infiniti will also announce the latest results and plans for its “Ambition 2030” long-term plan.

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Homura Inspiration

The QE concept expanded on ideas first explored in the 2019 QX Inspiration concept and Homura show car. It hints at Infiniti’s future crossover lineup, which aims to electrify without sacrificing performance or luxury trappings.

While purely conceptual for now, the cutting-edge QE provides insight into Infiniti’s vision. More models influenced by its seamless design and intelligent connectivity will follow as the brand pursues an ambitious EV future. For now, it remains a striking symbol of possibilities.

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In addition, Infiniti will also be released on 24 October more new models, this product refresh marks Infiniti will accelerate the realization of the “Ambition 2030” long-term plan. Previously Nissan had said, plans to 2030 fiscal year will launch 23 electrified models, including 15 pure electric models, Nissan and Infiniti brand electrified models will account for more than 50%. Nissan plans to achieve carbon neutrality across the company’s operations and product lifecycle by 2050.

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