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Hyundai Accent Rally Car – The Little exist That Could

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Hyundai Accent Rally car’s econobox subcompact seems an unlikely choice as the basis for a competitive rally car. But Hyundai Motorsport cleverly optimized its modest attributes for rally stages worldwide, proving big performance potential can hide in small packages given the right preparation and skill.

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Let’s explore how Hyundai maximized Accent’s basic engineering into a giant killing rally weapon better than any econocar has a right to be. With smart development, the humble Accent punched far above its weight.

Why Start With the Hyundai Accent Rally Car?

When Hyundai planned its arrival into the World Rally Championship for 2014, the brand was still rebuilding credibility as a purveyor of performance. Rather than jumping immediately into the top classes, Hyundai took a measured approach beginning with smaller cars.

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The Accent provided an ideal starting point. Its lightweight aided agility and the available 138 hp 1.6L engine offered tunability. High production volumes ensured homologation eligibility for lower WRC classes. While underpowered, the Accent let Hyundai hone rally engineering fundamentals before graduating to faster machinery.

Extensive Modifications Extracted Speed

Transforming the mild-mannered Accent into a Stage Rally contender involved months of planning and testing by Hyundai Motorsport. Their improvements focused on maximizing traction, durability, and handling.

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Major upgrades included a 6-speed sequential transmission, limited slip differential, beefed-up suspension components, and a 150 hp high-compression engine tune pushing the 1.6L to its limit. Interior stripping, underbody protection, and a roll cage prepared the Accent for off-road abuse. The finished product looked ready for Rally battle.

Hyundai Accent Rally Car Results

The re-engineered Accent rally car performed beyond expectations on the stages of the Australian Rally Championship. Despite lacking all-wheel drive, the Accent won its first event outright over more powerful Subarus and Mitsubishis thanks to agility and durability.

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Additional podiums proved this was no fluke. Drivers praised the nimble handling and smooth power delivery enabling pace belying the Accent’s economy car roots. In the right hands, it excelled during brief periods of front-drive rallying competition.

Laying the Foundation for Future Success

When new WRC regulations ended Accent’s rally career in 2017, Hyundai had achieved valuable objectives. The experience gained helped fast-track later rally projects like the i20 Coupe WRC and i20 R5 cars to podium success.

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Just as importantly, the Accent showed Hyundai could deliver speed and thrills even from a humble city car platform. This built credibility with enthusiasts that Hyundai’s performance was more than just marketing. Local rally success proved commitment to engineering excellence.

Why It Worked

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Several attributes explain how the Accent overachieved as a rally car:

A stiff chassis and upgraded suspension provided a competitive foundation.
Low-weight aided maneuverability on loose surfaces.
Available tuning parts enabled power gains from the 1.6L engine.
Front-wheel drive weight distribution added stability when pressed.
Overall simplicity reduced breakdowns – finishing was half the battle.
With smart modifications, the unlikely Accent fought far harder than its economic roots suggested.

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