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Honda NSX Anime Iconic Manga Appearances

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Honda NSX Anime Iconic Manga Appearances

As Japan’s original everyday supercar, the Honda NSX pioneered uncompromising precision sending ripples across automotive circles through unmatched reliability and accessibility combined with impressive performance credentials. The NSX naturally starred across several influential anime and manga centering around Japan’s tuning culture and motorsports legends.

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We revisit a few of the most famous NSX cameo appearances in anime spotlighting its design and engineering prowess enabling it to challenge the world’s best on virtual tracks and winding mountain roadstages.

Wangan Midnight: The Honda NSX Anime Black Emperors’ Statement

This street racing manga franchise title translates literally to “Bayshore Midnight” as the series showcased self-described “Devil Z” fascinating car lunatics dueling full throttle on Tokyo’s long open Metropolitan Expressway toll road network. Early chapters featured an intimidating Lamborghini Diablo VT customized extensively to hit frightening speeds.

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But arc protagonist Kuroki eventually unseats the Italian monster by introducing his bespoke NSX nicknamed “Black Emperors.” Further customized by RE Amemiya, its tuned 3.2-liter quad cam V6 enables pushing past its gentlemanly stock power figures to near 300 hp – matching the Diablo. Its cameo single-handedly sparked Japanese enthusiasts to seek out used NSXs for modification.

Capeta: Humble Anime Taking Titles

This coming-of-age anime focuses on young karting prodigy Taira Capeta’s goal of reaching Formula 1 stardom. But before All Japan F3000 opens opportunities, Capeta and his mechanic father pass the time entering their unassuming NSX in amateur road course races.

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While Capeta clearly focuses attention on open-wheel racing disciplines, seeing the family’s slick top NSX Type-S occasionally leave cocky amateur racers in the dust offers surprising satisfying moments reminding audiences of its pedigree beyond working day commuter status. The NSX outruns expectations as Capeta progresses toward his dream through dedication mirroring his father’s trusty steed.

MF Ghost: Beyond Stock Potential

As a next-generation spiritual successor to smash hit Initial D, MF Ghost returns readers to Japan’s winding mountain passes where a new era of expert street racers pilot bizarre machines upgrading their skills. While not focused entirely on drifting like its predecessor, NSXs still make occasional appearances.

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Protagonist Kanata Livington enters a high-stakes downhill Touge race behind the wheel of his uncle’s pristine Berlina Black 1992 NSX against much newer GTRs and Evos. But while remarking the NSX seems dated on the surface, its perfectly balanced RWD chassis responds in familiar ways enabling Kanata to upset its turbocharged rivals. This cameo carried the torch proving NSX capabilities decades later after convincing early doubters.

Conclusion Of Honda NSX Anime

Despite boasting cutting-edge motorsport credibility from inception through Formula 1 precision engineering, the NSX’s reserved styling resulted in constant underestimation next to flashier supercars of its era both on real roads and anime reel stages.

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But as these cameos demonstrated repeatedly, applied engineering advances enabled the NSX to frequently embarrass rival machines whether through skillful modification or pilot prowess mastering its excellent balanced base capabilities.

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As platforms like Wangan Midnight and MF Ghost inspired new generations to discover Honda’s vortex supercars from Gran Turismo garage entries, the NSX legend persists thanks partially to these memorable anime roles cementing Japan’s original everyday peculiar into lasting pop culture status cementing itself amongst personal heroes for every otaku.

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