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Honda Integra Type R DC5 – Peak Front-Drive

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Honda Integra Type R DC5 – Peak Front-Drive Performance Perfection

Debuting in the summer of 2001, Honda’s third iteration Integra Type R arrived just as the 1990 Japanese performance wave crashed. But this DC5-generation model refused to fade quietly by perfecting the front-drive sport compact to astonishing levels through meticulous attention to detail. Significant weight reduction, revised suspension geometries, and a high-strung 2.0L i-VTEC engine define the most spectacular Integra that Honda may ever produce.

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Relentless Mass Reduction Regiment

While preceding excellent Type R models won acclaim via high power outputs, engineers took an obsessive new direction focusing almost exclusively on weight savings for the DC5. Aluminum used in the intake manifold and rear subframe saves pounds up front and aft crucial for balanced handling. Lightweight glass ekes out every possible ounce, thinning the rear hatch design.

Honda Integra Type R DC5 – Peak Front-Drive插图1Further diminished fat via deleted sound insulation, carved interior panels, and hollow rear anti-roll bars. No mod is too small in the Type R ethos – even air conditioning gets scrapped. Extensive aluminum chassis bracing counteracts lost rigidity while a carbon fiber rear strut bar ties suspension pickup points for improved wheel control.

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Honda Integra Type R DC5 Fortifying the Foundation

Dietary fat gets shed from this svelte Civic racer, but crucial reinforcements transform chassis dynamics. Enlarged cylinders in the rack-and-pinion steering system quicken responses for über-precise turn-in accuracy. Custom-tuned shock absorbers and retuned springs add stiffness lowering ride height for a race track edge.Honda Integra Type R DC5 – Peak Front-Drive插图3

Staggered wider wheels lift traction limits helping the helical limited-slip differential put 230 Newton-meters of torque to pavement. Enthusiast magazines applauded the DC5’s darty reflexes and telepathic steering precision enabling late braking heroics lap after lap.

Bespoke High-Performance Engine Spec

Motivating the DC5 lies Honda’s legendary K20A engine hand-assembled specifically for Type R duty. Vtec variable valve timing helps its 2.0 liters produce 200+ horsepower while revving freely to 9,000 rpm – stratospheric for naturally aspirated power. Peak output arrives late in the power-demanding determined driving but returns incredible aural rewards once VTEC kicks in fully.Honda Integra Type R DC5 – Peak Front-Drive插图4

Three-stage intake plumbing utilizes stepped runners at specific RPMs for optimizing cylinder filling. Lightweight internals borrowed from Honda’s racing programs keep rotating inertias low allowing instant throttle response. This exclusive high-strung powerplant stands today as arguably Honda’s best-driving four-cylinder ever thanks to an intoxicating personality encouraging aggressive maderaft explorations.

Honda Integra Type R DC5 Crowning Glory for Definitive Hot Hatch Icon

While claiming quickest front-drive production laurels when new, sheer adrenaline and sublime control define this Integra’s greatness over mere speed specs. Honda perfected their Type R ethos into one timeless farewell through the DC5’s obsessive massaging.

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From every bolted panel to bespoke engine internals, their fanatical improvements create a perfectly balanced, responsive instrument for skilled pilots. This ultimate evolution remains globally revered as the quintessential hot hatch purist tool distilling thrills into front-wheel drive’s purest essence.

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