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The Overlooked Honda Ballade Sports Coupe

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While overshadowed by more famous contemporary Honda models like the Prelude and CRX, the Ballade Sports Coupe represented an appealing mix of performance, practicality, and value in 1980s Japan. Developed as a sportier variant of Honda’s Ballade sedan, the Ballade Sports impresses those in the know with its rev-happy engine, advanced suspension, and nimble handling.

Let’s explore why this unsung rear-wheel-drive Honda coupe deserves recognition alongside its more celebrated sports car siblings.

Honda Ballade Sports Coupe Engines Delivered High RPM Power

At the Ballade Sports’ heart lay advanced, high-revving engines sharing technology with Honda’s motorsports programs. Displacements ranged from 1.5 to 1.8 liters, with power outputs from 100 to 140 horsepower in sportier trims.

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Variable valve timing, dual overhead cams, and precise fuel injection meant these motors loved to spin up toward the 7,500 rpm redline while staying silky smooth. They encapsulated Honda’s technical expertise in extracting power from small, efficient engines.

Suspension Tuned for Honda Ballade Sports Coupe Neutral Handling

Tight, responsive handling matched the peaky engines for a balanced sports coupe experience. The front MacPherson strut and rear multi-link suspension system were specially tuned on Sports models for flatter cornering and minimal body roll.

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Improved anti-roll bars, stiffer springs, and performance tires gave the Ballade Sports poised reactions when changing directions. Power steering provided quick turn-in with an accurate feel. Short overhangs ensured nimble agility as well. On twisty roads, few contemporary rivals could keep up.

Luxury and Safety in Honda Ballade Sports Coupe Affordable Package

In addition to its performance credentials, the Ballade Sports offered luxury touches and Honda’s latest safety innovations not found on most rival affordable sports coupes.

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Generous standard equipment included power windows, automatic climate control, premium audio systems, and adjustable lumbar support seats. Technology like standard anti-lock brakes and optional traction control added active safety above the compact coupe norm.

Crisp, Contemporary Styling

While not as iconic as the pop-up headlight CRX, the Ballade Sports cut a handsome profile with its wedgy, aerodynamic shape. Angled nose, flush glass, and rakish roofline gave a sleek, wind-cheating silhouette. Crisp lines and restrained use of chrome and trim conveyed a contemporary, upscale look.

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Inside, the ergonomic dashboard design featured the latest 1980s digital displays and controls. Available two-tone paint schemes and alloy wheels provided added flair. Subtle aero accents like a rear spoiler lip signaled the Ballade Sports’ performance ambitions.

 Driving dynamics with affordable

The rare Honda Ballade Sports Coupe provided a tantalizing mix of power, handling, luxury, and value. As a sportier iteration of the Ballade sedan sold only in Japan. This hidden gem of a performance model remains largely unknown abroad. But for JDM Honda enthusiasts, the Ballade Sports’ blend of sophisticated engineering and fun driving dynamics makes it a cool find.

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With prices appreciating for prime examples, this unsung 1980s Honda is ready for rediscovery. For the Japanese domestic market sports coupe connoisseur, the Ballade Sports deserves consideration alongside more famous counterparts from Honda’s golden era.

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