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GR 86’ s life

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Toyota GR86, a Toyota gr series car. Today we introduce you to the Toyota GR 86. It’s officially introduced to you.

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Toyota GR 86

It is a global strategic FR compact sports car first unveiled by Toyota Motor Japan at the 2011 Tokyo International Motor Show. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009, the FT-86 Concept is a product of collaboration between Toyota and Subaru. With the body shape led by Toyota’s ED2 design center in the south of France, and the transmission and drive system also designed by Toyota. The engine is designed by Subaru’s Boxer horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine and the introduction of Toyota’s D-4S direct injection and high speed design. The engine is a Subaru-designed Boxer horizontal-opposed four-cylinder engine with Toyota’s D-4S direct injection system and high-revving design.

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Appearance improvements of GR 86

GR 86 is the third globalized model of GR. After GR SUPRA and GR YARiS. The front-face style is clearly differentiated from the new Subaru BRZ. GR 86 being relatively rounded and more neutral. The overall contour of the headlights is the same. The differences inside the light chambers are also very small. Except that the GR 86 daytime running lights are in the shape of an “L”.

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GR 86 is built for Speed

GR 86 Premium tire size is 215/40 R18, tire width than the old 205 has been improved. At the rear, the exhaust is a bilateral two-exit layout, and it’s worth noting that the rear fascia leaves plenty of room for the thicker exhaust outlets. Under the hood, the most notable upgrade is the GR86’s new 2.4 liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine that produces 228 horsepower, an increase over the outgoing GT86’s 2.0-liter engine with 200 horsepower. This gives the GR86 more powerful acceleration and performance. For handling and braking, the GR86 gets performance upgrades like stiffer coil springs, reinforced chassis bracing, and larger diameter breaks compared to the previous GT86 model. This allows the GR86 to corner flatter with less body roll and stop shorter.

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New design

The new car uses more chassis bracing and a larger displacement engine, as well as larger wheels. In order to optimize weight distribution, the new car makes extensive use of aluminum to reduce weight in locations such as the roof and wings.

Precision Instrumentation

The interior design and layout remain functional and retains numerous physical buttons. The 7-inch LCD gauges take their styling from the horizontally-opposed engine, and show different information in different driving modes, including g-values, power curves, and much other performance-related content. Full LCD gauges and an 8-inch center screen are among the few tech features in the cabin, and the new one comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the outside, the GR86 sports revised LED headlights and tail lights, plus other minor styling changes to give it a modern look. Inside the cabin is an updated interior design and tech like a 7-inch digital gauge cluster. The GT86 in contrast had a classic sports coupe exterior and interior layout.

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New version improvements

The GR 86’s body torsional stiffness has also been increased by 50 percent over the old model. Along with the use of aluminum alloys for the hood, roof, and front fenders. That reduces the overall weight and center of gravity. Also serving to optimize front-to-rear weight distribution. Both models offer the choice of a 6-speed manual transmission for an engaging drive experience or a 6-speed automatic transmission for easier daily driving. The transmissions remain similar between generations.

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Power supply

The new car is equipped with a horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine with an enlarged bore of 94mm. Thus enlarging the displacement of the new engine to 2.4L. Its maximum power and torque have been increased to 173KW and 250N-m. The official acceleration time from 0-100km/h is given as 6.3 seconds.

In addition, on the GR 86 automatic, it comes with Eyesight driver assistance system.

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Changes of name

GR86 is the new name for Toyota’s affordable rear-wheel drive sports coupe, being that start with the 2022 model year. Finally, this aligns it with Toyota’s GR performance line of vehicles, like the GR Supra. The previous generation from 2012-2021 was called the GT86.


GR86 keeps the same affordable, as a result lightweight rear-drive formula as the discontinued GT86. It’s the next level through improvements to the engine, chassis, brakes and styling – all while carrying on the fun-to-drive spirit.

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