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Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend

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Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend

The revolutionary Gordon Murray T.50 supercar seeks to recapture the magic of the McLaren F1 legend through advanced engineering and obsessive dedication to driver engagement. As the spiritual successor conceived by F1 designer Gordon Murray, the T.50 promises unrivaled driver connection through an unfettered focus on light weight, bespoke V12 power, ultimate aerodynamics and purity of experience. Limited to just 100 units at over $3 million apiece, the T.50 aims to establish a new benchmark for technological innovation paired with sheer driving enjoyment.Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend插图

The Purest Gordon Murray T.50 Driving Experience

Central to the T.50 ethos is an unfiltered connection between humans and machines. Driver focus extends from the mono-seat fighter-jet style canopy to the centrally mounted controls to the minimal digital interfaces. A manual 6-speed transmission keeps the driver intimately involved. At just 2,160 pounds, the T.50 promises reflexes as instantly responsive as the driver’s senses. Murray has left no facet untouched in his fanatical pursuit of the most undiluted and rewarding hypercar driver experience imaginable.Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend插图1

Bespoke 12,100 RPM Cosworth V12

Custom engineered by Cosworth, the T.50’s 3.9L V12 revs to a staggering 12,100 rpm, an unheard-of figure for a road car. The 65-degree architecture and fascinating materials enable this Formula 1-like stratospheric ceiling. Yet the dry sump V12 delivers abundant mid-range as well for real-world tractability. At just 980 pounds fully dressed, the V12 contributes immense power without compromising agility. Its unique signature alone promises to enter drivers with every press of the throttle.Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend插图2

Ground Effect Aerodynamics for Maximum Grip

Never before has ground effect aerodynamics been so comprehensively harnessed outside Formula 1. Through Murray’s fanatic attention to underbody management, the T.50 generates legit racing car levels of downforce exceeding 2,200 pounds at speed. At the rear, an active spoiler lowers into the slipstream at speed for reduced drag. An integrated fan amplifies the ground effect for a tremendous cornering grip. Downforce this extreme provides alien levels of performance – yet avoids visual wings cluttering the pure teardrop profile.Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend插图3

Uncompromised Construction obsession

The T.50’s featherweight structure begins with a carbon fiber tub manufactured to aerospace standards before being hand-finished and polished to eliminate every possiblegram of mass. Titanium, aluminum and composite panels clothe the chassis without hiding its jewel-like construction. The functional nakedness almost removes the bodywork as a factor. Leaving a mechanical sculpture and driver’s seat combining to create an unforgettably immersive experience.Gordon Murray T.50 – The True Successor to the F1 Legend插图4

Legacy Gordon Murray T.50 Building the Perfect Automotive

With the T.50 Gordon Murray aims to progress beyond even his own McLaren F1’s towering achievement. Where the legendary F1 broke new ground, the T.50 intends to establish the next evolution using everything Murray has learned over his 50+ year career. From its bespoke Cosworth V12 to the unprecedented aerodynamics, the T.50 chases automotive perfection through singular dedication. It is Murray’s magnum opus and an enduring love letter to the driving experience.

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