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The Escort Rally Car Became A Rally Icon

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The Escort Rally car Ford maintained a towering reputation as one of the greatest rally cars of all time spanning three decades thanks to clever design translating economy car roots into world-beating motorsport success. In the hands of champions, the Everyman Escort humbled non-native machinery costing many times more.

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Let’s explore the engineering and uncomplicated virtues that allowed the Escort to claim so many historic rally victories across generations from 1968 through the dominant Escort RS Cosworth. Simple effectiveness created a legend.

Mk I & II – Escort Rally Car Establishing the Legacy

Even in its basic Mk I incarnation, the compact Ford Escort showed giant-killing potential in national rallies thanks to lightweight RWD handling and durable engines. But Ford increased focus with the advanced Mk II starting in 1975.

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Now featuring independent rear suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, and an optional alloy-headed 2.0L engine, the Escort Mk II became a force even internationally. In some of its first World Rally Championship events, Mk II Escorts claimed top-class victories in the grueling Safari and Bandama rallies, foreshadowing more glory.

Group A Domination – RS1700T and RS Cosworth

As Group A rules replaced Group B, Ford rolled out the advanced RS1700T in 1986, then the legendary Escort RS Cosworth in 1992. Both featured improved aerodynamics, Cosworth-tuned turbocharged engines making over 220 hp, and finely tuned four-wheel drive systems funneling power through locked differentials.

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The RS Cosworth proved especially dominant, claiming Ford’s only manufacturer’s title in 1993. On the hands of stars like Carlos Sainz and Francois Delecour, the Escort claimed WRC victories from 1993-96 cementing its reputation.

Why The Escort Rally Car Was So Successful

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Several factors enabled the Escort’s rise:

Strong, high-winding BDA and later Cosworth engines maintained power even in high elevations.
Simple, robust drivetrains endured brutal rally abuse thanks to Ford Engineering.
Excellent weight distribution and suspensions maximized grip even on slippery stages.
Clever aero additions increased stability at speed without complexity.
Cohesive teams expertly supported top drivers pushing the Escort to its limits.

Rally-Honed Improvements to Road Cars

Ford smartly incorporated lessons learned from racing Escorts into improving its sports coupes and hatchbacks for the street. Focusing development on hard-fought reliability and handling benefits transferred back into cars like the Fiesta and later Focus production models.

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and enduring a challenge like the Safari Rally filtered into everyday usability. Engineers leveraged data captured under racing stresses into real-world improvements, exemplifying the value of motorsports.

Escort Rally Car – The Everyman Hero

Unlike non-native European makes, the Escort’s humble roots, economical maintenance, and straightforward engineering made it accessible as a national car Europeans could support over costly brands like Audi. In many ways, it paralleled what the Mini Cooper meant to an earlier generation.

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While simple on the surface, the Escort married lightweight practicality with an everyman spirit no amount of funding could easily defeat. In the hands of driven racers, this humble family car achieved global glory and giant-killing stardom through merit and perseverance.

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