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Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition

Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition缩略图

Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition

When Dodge unleashed their Viper concept supercar in 1989, it shocked the world by out-accelerating icons like Porsche. Ferrari and Lamborghini without the aid of driver aids or turbochargers.Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition插图 Back to basics, American muscle paired with an enormous V10 engine and brute force power spawned this intimidating machine daring to compete far above its weight class. Successfully. Over 25+ years of production through five generations. The shocking fast yet uncompromising Dodge Viper defined extreme American performance ethos against European exotics costing exponentially more. Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition插图1

Shelby Legacy Begets the Snake Supercar

Carroll Shelby’s successful wedding brute V8 force into lightweight packages through Cobra roadsters and Mustang Trans Am racers cemented a winning formula Dodge targeted recreating. They tasked internal “skunkworks” engineering teams with building the next evolution ultimate road car absent of pretense or luxury – just raw. Brutal speed befitting muscle car heritage. Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition插图2During early 1988 test sessions, hand-welded chassis prototypes outpaced icons from Italy and Germany to the team’s delight. Approval for public debut quickly followed.

Concept into Reality through Fearsome V10 Power

First appearing to the world in 1989. The public instantly craved this radically-styled speed machine. Negative aero lift bodywork kept the slippery shape planted using bespoke variations of stock parts bin mirrors and Dodge Stealth taillamps for production. Cabin entry meant jumping down into form.Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition插图3 Fitting Recaro buckets hinting at racecar levels of driver focus. Behind the seats sat a special 8-liter. Mid-mounted V10 cylinder hand-built by Lamborghini producing 400 horsepower – enough thrust to hit 60 mph in just four seconds blowing away the competition.

Dodge Viper Crushes the Competition

Instantly hailed as a fascinating supercar killer stealingCountach dreams from potential Ferrari buyers, the production 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10 delivered even wilder performance thanks to output now hitting 450 horsepower from 8 liters. Sub-four-second 0-60 mph sprints were effortless while 0-100 arrived in eight seconds. Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition插图4Squarely in league with six-figure benchmarks from Italy. Yet this everyday superhero came wrapped in a straightforward $50,000 package buyers could obtain through dealers unlike highly-limited F40s and Diablos sold out years in advance overseas.

Dodge Viper Ongoing Evolution into an American Supercar Legend

Through subsequent generations the Dodge Viper formula evolved by adding more power. Giant wheels and improved chassis technologies elevate capabilities further against pricier rivals. A convertible GTS coupe later introduced injection molding and resin transfer molding construction for lightweight yet strong aesthetically gorgeous composite body panels. A first for volume cars.Dodge Viper – America’s Supercar Obliterates the Competition插图5

Special editions followed transcending garish customs of the past towards extreme track domination. With the help of legendary racing driver Greg Kiesel contributing to armored. Winged rivals housing over 640 horsepower like the fire-breathing 700-hp Viper ACR extreme. Ultimately Viper set benchmarks as the ultimate no-compromise. American supercar through minimalist dedication towards showcasing extreme engines within a lightweight bespoke chassis philosophy. That was made successful by golden-era Shelby muscle cars.

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