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De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend

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De Tomaso P72 De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend

De Tomaso made its return to automotive production announcing the P72 ultra-limited supercar in 2019. As a modern reinterpretation of 1960s and 1970s De Tomaso greats like the Mangusta and Pantera, the carbon-fiber P72 aims to recapture the brand’s racing glory in a new package.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图

De Tomaso P72 Legendary Past

De Tomaso produced a series of flamboyant performance cars from the 1960s through the 1990s. Founded by Argentinian Alejandro de Tomaso, the brand made its name with models like the Vallelunga and Mangusta sports cars. The 1970s Pantera coupe designed by Ghia represented the brand’s high water mark. De Tomaso ultimately faded from prominence but its reputation persisted.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图1

Revived By Ideal Ventures

The remnants of De Tomaso were acquired in 2014 by Ideal Team Ventures, an investment firm run by car collectors. Intending to respectfully revive De Tomaso’s sporting aura, work began on a new ultra-limited supercar coded P72 to pay homage to the marque’s past. Jowyn Wong, previously of Ferrari and Maserati, headed design efforts aimed squarely at the track.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图2

Bespoke Carbon Fiber Construction

In contrast to steel and aluminum bodies of past De Tomasos, the P72 utilizes a bespoke carbon fiber monocoque paired to carbon fiber body panels. This keeps weight under 2,700 lbs for an enviable power-to-weight ratio. The two-seat interior is trimmed in leather and metal trim, though stripped down for pure performance. The P72 aims for balance between beauty and purpose-built track performance.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图3

Naturally Aspirated V12 Symphony

The P72’s mid-mounted V12 engine is sourced from Ferrari for a quintessential Italian 12-cylinder soundtrack. Specifications are still undisclosed but expect around 750 horsepower in a high-revving naturally aspirated layout. The six-speed manual transmission emphasizes driver engagement over outright speed. This powertrain promises to deliver a visceral, emotive driving experience.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图4

De Tomaso P72 Racing Influenced Aerodynamics

The P72 incorporates aggressive aerodynamic elements like a rear diffuser, front splitter, and sizable rear wing. These generate significant downforce for incredible grip and high speed stability. Combined with advanced suspension design, the P72 is intended to offer supercar beating performance on road and track. Its styling makes no compromises for lap time and handling purity.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图5

Ultra Exclusive Hand-Built Production

In keeping with De Tomaso’s history of hand-built Italian cars, the P72 will have extremely limited production starting in late 2022. Only 72 examples will be made, honoring the brand’s 60+ year heritage. With a price around $1 million each, the P72 promises to be an instant collectible and potentially solid investment for buyers.De Tomaso P72 – Reviving an Italian Legend插图6

By reviving the De Tomaso spirit in a new bespoke supercar, the P72 aims high attempting to retake the brand’s place among legendary Italian performance names. If the final product lives up to the ambition, it could be a game-changing revival.

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