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Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar

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Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar

The alluring yet rare Aston Martin DB10 stands apart as the only vehicle created exclusively for James Bond film duty. Developed specifically for the 2015 Spectre film, just 10 examples of the sultry two-seater were hand-built at Aston Martin’s headquarters. While never intended for public sale, the DB10 brought real-world design and engineering into an exclusive package created solely for Agent 007.Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar插图

Bespoke Bond Car

007 filmmakers approached Aston Martin desiring a new model solely for Bond’s use in Spectre. Designers seized the opportunity, penning the DB10 from their imagination without production constraints. The flowing, elongated proportions sculpt a quintessentially beautiful shape. Signature cues like the grille badge and side vents brand it unmistakably Aston Martin. Subtle Spectre logos embed the car in Bond lore. Despite its concept car aura, the DB10 stunned as a fully functioning production car.Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar插图1

Hand-Crafted Construction

Aston Martin’s master technicians assembled the 10 DB10s entirely by hand in England. Panel gaps and paint finish exemplified handbuilt quality. Swathed in Bond’s iconic Silver Birch paint and acqua blue leather inside, each DB10 took thousands of hours to complete. Rather than a movie prop, the DB10 was crafted to be fully capable on the road or track. This rarity and dedication befits James Bond’s status, making the DB10 a bespoke collector’s item from the moment it left the facility.Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar插图2

Capable V8 Performance

Motivating the long-nose DB10 is a 4.7L naturally aspirated V8 generating 436hp, propelling the lithe coupe from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds before reaching a 183mph top speed. The engine barks to life at the touch of a red “start” button on the glass-faced instrument panel. A 6-speed manual transmission keeps the driver engaged while an electronic rear differential enhances control when accelerating out of corners. On paper and road the DB10 delivers stirring supercar performance.Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar插图3

Optimized for Film Heroics

To enable dynamic stunt work for the movie, the DB10 incorporated an all carbon fiber chassis and body panels. This kept weight down to 3,280lbs resulting in nimble handling. The suspension system was tuned for controlled oversteer slides during chase sequences. Rear seats were deleted and roll cage integrated for rigidity. Despite its street appearance, the DB10 chassis brought race-bred strength and capability perfect for movie action.Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar插图4

Aston Martin DB10 Starring Role in Spectre

The DB10’s starring role in Spectre cemented its place in the James Bond legacy. Bond first pushes the DB10 to its limits weaving through the Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City before meeting Mr. Hinx’s Jaguar C-X75. Later, he commands another DB10 in an explosive chase sequence in Rome pursuing Franz Oberhauser. The DB10 matched 007’s polished posh character while ably keeping pace with fascinating adversaries.Aston Martin DB10 – James Bond’s Exclusive Supercar插图5

Automotive Art Of Aston Martin DB10

Beyond movie promotion, the DB10 project allowed Aston Martin’s team unrestrained expression. It represents the brand’s design language and dedication to hand-crafted excellence at its peak. For collectors, the DB10 embodies the intersection of Aston Martin’s sporting elegance with the romance and excitement of James Bond’s world. Of the 10 built, one example sold for $3.5 million at charity auction. The DB10 stands as sensuous automotive art created by passion at Aston Martin.

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