Let users collect content with the collections plugin

Collections for WordPress


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We need new and innovative ways to display content to our website visitors. The Collections Plugin for WordPress gives you just that!


Adding the collections button prompts users to collect your content

See that little icon next to the category..  that’s the collections plugin! What does it do?! It empowers you or your website users to group your content into cool collections and display them on your website.

When the icon is clicked, the collections options come to life and our plugin users just love what the plugin lets them do

….Collecting content in a place where I can easily find it for the future is a real plus for my website. Categories are OK to an extent, but they’re just not as cool or as flexible!!     – Ross Burke 

This plugin is a must have. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to at least give your visitors an easy way to access types of content on another level to categories. There’s also huge social sharing power in letting people create their own collections on your website (and share them with their friends!)


Your collections have an instant WOW factor for your visitors

It’s a really great way to engage your users with your content.

… and it looks SO cool. This is the WordPress Plugin I’ve been searching for.. It adds a whole new dimension to my site..    – HayDay (various sites)

There’s a lot more that could be said about this plugin, but head over to the blog and give it a try. It’s amazing and I’m sure you’ll love it


What are you waiting for??? pick up a copy today!



Start Collecting Content

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