Let users collect content with the collections plugin


I’m very happy with the plugin. I think it’s genius, This is the most incredible plugin I have ever seen

Kolby Bothe, Gravity4

Really happy with this amazing plugin

That worked a treat! I appreciate the quick response and for creating such an awesome plugin! =)


It worked perfectly! It’s amazing plugin! Congratulations!

Maria Sanchex

That plugin is so f***ing goooood:-)

Franz, Contact Form
I love collecting products on Product Hunt and now I can do the same on my own website. I run a site for burger reviews and this plugin lets me group my burgers into different collections with a cool image.

Ross Burke
BTW….absolutely brilliant plugin

James Young, SketchHunt.com
Let me start by saying I love the plugin

Steve Jobs (no, really)
Congratulations for this plugin, a very good job


5 stars it’s what your plugin deserves, believe me!

Marco La Ferla

Already voted 5 stars man, love this plugin!

Marco La Ferla

Great plugin – thanks a lot, I have been looking for something like this for a while!

Matt Newman

Plugin is really great. Keep up the good work, folks!