Let users collect content with the collections plugin


Welcome to the FAQ about Collections.

1. How do I Create my Own Collection?

Collections are a simple way to bookmark and curate the content you love. Click the “collect”  icon to save content to your collection.



2. I get redirected to the Login Page and there’s no option to register?

Collections are yours and are assigned to your unique ID. For this you need to be a registered user of the website. There is a “register” link at the bottom of the login form. If this isn’t visible for you you need to enable registrations under your WordPress settings panel


3. Help. I keep getting file upload failed when adding a background image?

WordPress only allows authors and above to upload media files. As admin you can control who is an author on your site (and who can therefore upload images to your media library). You can control the global new user settings to make everyone an author under General Settings

4. What is the Shortcode to display the Collections icon?

The shotcode is


and you can add it to your post or page or edit your theme template with the function

<?php echo do_shortcode('[collections]');?>

5. How do I get support if I get stuck?

Support is provided via the Support Website. If you have any issues with using the plugin please create a new topic in the Collections Plugin forum and our team will respond (turnaround times typically 24-48 hours).

6. What is the refund policy if the plugin doesn’t work?

If you are not happy with your purchase please contact us and we will work with you to solve any issues you may have. If the issue cannot be solved we will provide you with a refund